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Since 1889, Associated Board of the RoyalSchools Music has provided music teachers and their students with exams and assessments that nurture and evaluate an individual's performance and progress. As one of the world's leading specialist in music assessment, the consistent and rigorous approach carries recognised international authority.

Motivation and encouragement
The exams and assessments are designed to motivate students of all levels and ages, giving them a series of realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements. Exam syllabuses are not intended to provide a complete curriculum. Students are encouraged to play and experience as much music as possible, embracing a wide range of genres.

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Trinity Guildhall graded examinations are accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England, and its respective partners in Wales and Northern Ireland. Grades 6-8 are formally recognised within the UCAS Tariff for entry to UK higher education. Various arrangements are in place with education authorities worldwide.

Some of the key features of Trinity Guildhall examinations:
  • A wide range of repertoire - developed through consultation with teachers worldwide.

  • Supporting a range of learning and teaching styles - with a new approach to Technical Work, Aural and other tests to benefit both students and teachers.

  • Putting performance at the heart of the exam - with a mark scheme that awards a higher proportion of the marks to the performance of the pieces, and with Technical Work focused on developing performance skills.

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